Benjamin Franklin memorably claimed that death and taxes were the only two certainties in life. We would like to add a third. Namely, the omnipresence of Google in the online world. In this article we explore the question, ‘What is Google Ads?’.

Google has such a stronghold over the search engine market that company name is now recognised as a verb in the OED1. This will not come as a surprise. When any of us are looking for a product or service, we invariably turn to Google. Sorry, Bing.

In doing so, the layout will not have escaped your attention. The opening three or four matches in Google are invariably marked as ads. Take a look at this screengrab of a search for royalty-free images as an example.

AdWords is the same as google Ads

Google defines which search results are a result of Google Ads and which are organic results

All businesses want their website to appear at the top of page one of Google through organic search terms (Link to SEO vs. PPC here when ready). Even in doing so, however, the listing will appear below links sponsored by Google Ads. For impatient browsers that click the first link that matches their needs, this could make all the difference.

How does Google Ads work

Google Ads is built around an auction model, in which business place bids on keywords. Anybody hoping to place an advertisement at the top of the first page of Google will submit a list of keywords, along with a sum of how much they are willing to Pay Per Click (PPC).

Google will award these coveted spaces based on these bids, along with the quality score of the website in question. Google are not interested in sending users to sub-standard locations. If your business is one of the chosen few – typically around three adverts appear at the top of the page – you will pay Google a sum for each click that your website attracts. Websites with a higher quality score typically pay less per click.

Google Ads take multiple forms, and the expense varies depends on how you use the service. Ensure that you will see a sustainable return on investment before committing to Google Ads. This means doing your due diligence. If you do so, however, the ROI will be potentially impressive.

Can anybody use Google Ads?

Anybody can use Google Ads, much like anybody with a toolbox and a repair kit can fix a leaky pipe. For the best results in this example, though, you would hire a professional plumber. The same applies to Google Ad Words.

Google Ad results

Used correctly, Google Ads can be a powerful tool. Used poorly, it can be an expensive folly

There is nothing to stop a business conducting keyword research and bidding on these. However, hiring a professional Ad Word expert will likely see a superior return on investment. Such a business will understand the best practices of using Google Ads, and will constantly remain at the cutting edge of the technology.

Perhaps more importantly, an expert can help a business avoid making costly mistakes2. Like anybody to have been penalised by a Google algorithm, seemingly without no explanation, will know how exacting this corporate monolith can be. Bringing in professional help minimises the risk.

Conclusion: What is Google Ads and why does it matter?

It’s important to know that Google Ads is not a magic wand that leads to instant revenue generation. You cannot simply pay for Google Ads, put your feet up and forget your existing digital strategy. Google Ads and SEO should be practised in unison3, rather than placing one approach on a pedestal above the other.

However, you should now have a clearer answer to the question, “what is Google Ads.” Armed with this information, you can decide whether it’s the right approach for your business. All we’ll say that advertising revenue is a big money-maker for Google, as per this chart from Trefis4. When Google make money, that tends to work favourably for those that utilise their services.

Alphabet divisions

Advertising revenue provided over $1billion to Google’s parent company Alphabet in 2020

If you’re keen to learn more about Google Ad Words, Opace are always willing to help. Our experienced team are waiting to share their expertise and aid your business in maximising the impact of Google Ads. Get in touch today to discuss your options.

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